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Introducing Project 41


Project 41 gets its name from Isaiah 41:18-20,

I will open rivers on the bare heights and springs in the midst of the valleys…that they may see and recognize, and consider…that the hand of the Lord has done this.


  • Project 41 is a business platform that is motivated by the love of Christ for unreached Muslim people
  • Project 41 will use non-agricultural land to produce biodiesel fuels
  • Agricultural cooperatives will manage the cultivation, production, and export of these fuels
  • Project 41 combines both good business practice and mission goals. It is about:
    • Transformation at the social, economic, and spiritual levels
    • Empowering the poor and marginalized
    • Local ownership and management
    • Fair wages and fair trade
    • Environmentally friendly practices
    • The redemption of waste land
    • Providing green, sustainable energy
  • The first initiative will be located in one of the poorest and least-reached countries in the world
  • The start date is January 2012
  • Partners are needed for this project
    • Prayer partners
    • Financial partners
    • Experts in agriculture, engineering and other fields…
  • Please consider how you may partner with Project 41


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