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Well over 1.5 billion people worldwide today profess Islam. The number of Muslims in European countries is growing. How do we perceive Muslims in our country? Are they a welcome cultural and religious asset or a threat to our western society?

Who are Muslims in our eyes? Is the image of Muslims influenced by the media? Are Muslims first and foremost the cause of wars and terrorist attacks? Or are they people to be understood, appreciated, and served, by sharing the Good News of Jesus?

Help a Muslim Friend Follow Jesus

Muslims have a high regard for Jesus.
The Qur’an speaks more about Jesus than about any other person.
However, Muslims know there is more to the story of Jesus than is written in the Qur’an…

How can you help your Muslim friend know and follow Jesus?

First, be a good follower of Jesus yourself.

Some helpful resources and links:


This is a ‘one-stop shop’ for people who want to help Christian and Muslim young people get together.

Whether you’re a youth leader, a faith leader a parent or last (and most importantly!) a young person, this site includes everything you’ll need.

Jesus Film 3

Experience the Good News with the Jesus Film. On this site you will find the film in many languages.